1st step in health sucess!

So as I am trying to achieve a healthier lifestyle, I took my first vist to our local coo-op here in town, small town no whole foods, Tj’s, etc. and bought some pretty new things that were inspired by other bloggers for the blogger world.

Almond Butter, baked chips (which were surprisingly yummy!), Synergy (more on that later :(), Garbanzo beans (hummus!), organic sweet potato (yummy!), Amy’s vegetable barley soup, and a vegan suncake!

I came home and my lovely mommy had some green chili chicken burritos, so I threw one into a whole wheat tortilla with some kettle chips! It was yummy! 🙂 I also threw in some lettuce, beets (I am addicted to these things), and some honey mustard (great substitute for ketchup).

And lunch is served!

Overall I think I am doing pretty good for this whole new to being healthy thing!

Workout today includes and hour of cardio kickboxing at the uni! So excited! Until then!

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Hello world!

Hello world this is me! Lol But seriously I would like to start off my first blog entry explaining why I am doing this. I have been for a while, contemplating whether or not I should start a blog. The reason why I say this is because I am currently a college freshman, and don’t know if I have the time for this, but I have realized that I spend way to much time reading other peoples blogs anyways, so might as well start my own. So here goes nothing! : ) Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

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